Based in Kilmarnock, Scotland, Embodied Transformation offers a variety of ways to bring authentic change into your life.

At its core is embodied awareness – mindfulness of the body that is focused on bearing witness to the way in which the breath, thoughts and emotions move through you. Through such practices you can bring radical transformation into your life situation, by finding the wholeness that already exists beneath layers of conditioning and doubts.

As individuals, each of us takes a slightly different path, so I offer you many access points to start from – personal practices such as Embodied Yoga and Meditation, therapies such Tantsu®, Holistic Massage and Pregnancy Massage, and deeply transformational experiences such as Sacred Ceremony.

If you live too far away from Central Scotland to attend in person, please check out my Online Groups and Courses to discover what you can attend via the Internet.

Each of these evolutionary journeys can be undertaken within communities such as group classes, or as a personal journey on a one-to-one basis. Please also check the pages on Events and Courses and Retreats for deeper pathways to Transformation.

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Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and meditation offer a great access point to making changes in your life through becoming more present in your body, helping you become clearer in your mind. This opens the way to accessing deeper levels of your being which some may refer to as Spirit, Soul or just the Mystery. Setting aside cosmologies, my own experience is that the overall result of frequent yoga and meditation practice is a sense of wholeness that leads to a calmer, easier, happier life.

My group classes offer an open and spacious way to experience embodied transformational practices within the energy and support of a community of like-minded souls. Please have a look at the class timetable to see what classes best suit your busy schedule. There are a few different types of classes, so please check the Yoga for Transformation, YogaTantra Flow and Yoga for Pregnancy class pages to find one that suits you.

If you live too far away from Central Scotland to attend in person, please check out my Online Groups and Courses to discover what you can attend via the Internet.

One-to-one classes are best when group class times don’t suit your busy schedule, or if your individual needs and abilities wouldn’t be served by a group class setting. Please have a look at my page on working together on a one-to-one basis, then get in touch to make arrangements that suit you and your life.

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Whether your needs are physical, energetic, mental-emotional or spiritual, the range of therapies we offer are aimed at helping you to engage in embodied practices on a deeper, more personal basis.

Each session will be specifically tailored to your personal needs and boundaries, and respond to your changing life situation as we continue to work together.

Within the safe space that we create between us, you will find the freedom to grow and evolve, working together to effect authentic and lasting transformation in your life.

Please have a look at my pages on Yoga Therapy, Holistic Massage, Pregnancy MassageTantsu® and Tantric Bodywork to help you understand these different approaches and decide which therapy, or which combination of therapies, will best suit your own needs.

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